Fae: Another word for fairy, common in European folklore.

This skirt is lovingly handmade from high quality, responsibly sourced satin. The front and back panels join with a full line of satin bows, for a cute peek of skin and an adjustable fit. Fully lined in satin for comfort and security. No corners were cut here! Like the Sylph bodice, the Fae skirt skirt is high quality enough to wear inside out without a passing glance. 

Size Small is shown above, more sizes will be modeled soon!

The Fae Skirt is MADE-TO-ORDER, meaning it will be sewn after I recieve your order! Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship.


Size Chart (in inches):

XS bust: 30-31, waist: 22-23, hip: 32-33

S bust: 32-33, waist: 24-25, hip: 34-35

M bust: 34-36, waist: 26-28, hip: 36-38

L bust: 37-39, waist: 29-31, hip: 39-41

XL bust: 40-42, waist: 32-34, hip: 42-44

1X bust: 43-45, waist: 35-37, hip: 45-47

2X bust: 46-48, waist: 38-41, hip: 48-51

3X bust: 49-51, waist: 42-45, hip: 52-55

Please email me shopjaneno@gmail.com or message on instagram for custom sizing!

The Fae Skirt in Two-Tone Pink

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  • Hand-wash with a gentle detergent in cold to lukewarm water. Lay flat or hang to dry. If you are worried about your garment lacking softness after air drying you can add a small amount of fabric softener to the rinse water.

    Please treat these garments gently! They are not made to be put through rough washing machine or dryer cycles. 

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