Jane, No! is a one woman show, run by me, Hannah. I design and hand-make every piece myself, from start to finish.

 This brand is my love letter to every fashion angel that has ever felt excluded, you're with friends here. <3


A little backstory: I've wanted to be a fashion designer ever since I was about 5. My freshman year of college I began coursework as a fashion major, but quickly felt disillusioned. I felt that I had "more" to contribute to the world, so I transferred to a degree in Sociology, where I studied issues surrounding race, class, and gender (to name a few). The clothing industry was discussed in a couple courses, and I learned just how much of an environmental and human rights disaster it really was. I started recognizing the lack of diversity and inclusion in campaigns, and when I looked at some of my own cheap and trendy tops, all I could think about was the exploitation and waste that went into producing them. 

I slowly began to realize that the fashion industry is not run this way out of necessity, and that there was a huge opportunity to do things differently. To run a brand that models and supports justice, that will not accept exploitation, and that can also be beautiful and feels good to wear. 

While I am just getting things off the ground I want to be very transparent about my brand's values, until the point that they can be fully translated through my work: 

As the owner of Jane, No! I am committed to just and fair hiring practices, no exploitative wages or labor, real representation in future campaigns*, inclusive and accessible sizes, and working toward the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process possible.

*I am currently my only model (thank you covid)

Jane, No! TM

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